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Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt

Jan Schulte-Bunert has led a saxophone class at one of Germany's oldest educational institutions since 2011. The curriculum consists of individual and group lessons with piano accompaniment as well as chamber music. This is the only school in Germany where one can study chamber music as a saxophone quartet.

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock
There's plenty of saxophone going on in the far north of Germany!
The Musikhochschule in Rostock, housed in a refurbished convent, is one of the most beautiful music institutions in the country.
Saxophonists are coming from far and wide to study here on the Baltic Sea – come to Rostock!

Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland

The clair-obscur saxophone quartet hosts a masterclass each year in the Weikersheim castle. Their 'Special Saxophone' programme focuses on chamber music from duo to octet and is intended for university students, school children and amateur saxophonists. This unique setting in the wonderful city of Weikersheim, has proven to be an intense and special experience.

Saxophone masterclass Laubach
The international saxophone masterclass in Laubach, Germany is one of the most world-renowned masterclasses of it's kind. 
Saxophonists have travelled to Laubach from around the world for the past ten years, to gain insight from teachers Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David and Jan Schulte-Bunert.
The course focusses on a specific musical topic each year and always includes a guest teacher: Baroque specialist Walter van Hauwe, or jazz greats such as David Friedmann and Peter Weniger all contribute to a thrilling course.
Saxophone Master Class
International masterclass for classical saxophone in Laubach, Germany.
A portrait video produced by Henri Selmer Paris
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